Monday, 12 April 2021

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Birmingham is probably the most creative city on earth - of 4,000 patents registered in the UK each year, 2,800 come from Brum - but the perception of it rarely lives up to the reality. Half the people who live here haven’t got a kind word to say about the place and from further afield the brickbats are even worse. The BBC have abandoned us, run off with our TV licence money, turned Pebble Mill into a dental hospital and shacked up with Manchester. We’ve had a lot of good press in the print media lately but they always seem to preface even the most positive article with “We know it’s terrible but it’s not as bad as you think”. Yet the negativity towards the birthplace of the modern world seems to be a peculiarly British phenomenon, and I sometimes feel like telling the rest of the country that if we’d known you were going to be like this, we wouldn’t have bothered building all those Spitfires.

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Stephen Pennell
 Stephen Pennell says:

Lovely write up from the Birmingham Press:

posted 14th April 2021

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