Thursday, 15 April 2021

My Birmingham...



“I’m in Digbeth and all human life is here. During the day, creatives create in the Custard Factory, mods and hipsters hunt down vintage clothes, and blokes in grimy overalls build motorbikes or harvest salvable bits from broken cars. The area is awash  with social enterprises, beautiful churches, interesting architecture and an incredibly diverse population. Well-heeled hipsters rub shoulders with hard-up homeless, and barefoot babbies with wild hair play in the courtyard of the ramshackle flats above the coach station. 

Later on, things will liven up even more as foodies arrive at Digbeth Dining Club, and Peaky Blinders tourists from all over the world follow Professor Carl Chinn on his walking tour somewhere over by The Rainbow and down Lower Trinity Street. Their paths will cross with locals meeting their mates for a big gig at The Institute, a little gig at Mama Roux’s, or a sixties Soul happening at the Night Owl. As dusk closes in, the paint on state-of-the-art graffiti murals and ancient ghost signs will appear to be the only thing stopping the higgledy-piggledy buildings from toppling over onto the streets they overlook, and queues of revellers will snake along the narrow pavements outside clubs that look like drop forges, mainly because they’re converted drop forges.”

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