King Arthur's Death

By Michael Smith

An epic poem of the fall of kings, vibrantly translated and stunningly illustrated with linocut prints by the author of Unbound’s Sir Gawain

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Great News - the page proofs have now arrived for King Arthur!

Dear supporter,

Yesterday the postman arrived with the page proofs for King Arthur's Death - the Alliterative Morte Arthure; this means that (once I have proof-read them), the manuscript enters its final stage: to become a book itself.

The team at Unbound has done a magnificent job in bringing this together. With the cover design, illuminated letters, linocut illustrations - not to mention the poem itself, historical introduction, glossary and notes, the result will be magnificent!

The attached photographs at the end of this update give you a flavour of what to expect when the book comes through your door with YOUR name in the back as one of its patrons.

In the poem, when telling the emissaries of Rome about the food they are about to receive, King Arthur says in true self-deprecating style,

"Sirs, be knightly of countenance and comfort yourselves;

We know naught in this country of curious meats,

In these barren lands breeds no such thing,

So without feigning pleasure, please force this food down

And feed yourselves with such feeble fare as you find before you"

In much the same humour, I hope that you will find this new translation so much more than how it might first appear. Opening your eyes to a unique understanding of the poem and its world, this book is a journey into the minds of the fourteenth century like no other. I hope you enjoy each and every mouthful of this magnificent poem. You helped make it happen!

Once again, thank you for supporting my work - and do please spread the message to anyone who you think might like to have their name in the back.

For Arthur!


Kind regards,

Michael Smith,

Author, Translator, Printmaker

PS. Don't forget you can also upgrade your pledge - for example, if you would like a signed copy or to own one of the original illustrations from the book. There is also a double signed option where I will sign both copies of the book and each book will carry your name and the name of a friend or loved on in the patrons list - an ideal surprise gift. There are lots of pledge options still to choose from - check the list, here, on the main King Arthur page here! (please click the link)


(Above: Title Pages - a colour version of Arthur and Mordred fighting is also available as a pledge option)

(Above: how the illuminated letters appear in the final version - large scale originals of these letters are also available as a pledge option)

(Above: Title Page plus a sample page with illustration - one of many linocut illustrations produced for the book)

(Above: more sample pages - here we see the Giant of Mont Saint Michel peeping menacingly at you from the pages!)

(Above: the magnificent cover!)



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Peter Wood
 Peter Wood says:

Wow - exciting times Michael. It's great to see the pages with illustrations and the illuminated letters.

posted 20th February 2020

Michael Smith
 Michael Smith says:

Thank you Peter! Yes, the pages look really good in the flesh - now the work begins of going through them for the final approval. This is the point of no return - a time to hide behind the settee once the manuscript is returned!

The layout looks fabulous and the way the designers have dealt with the images and illuminated letters is magnificent. It will be well worth the wait - almost there now!


posted 20th February 2020

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