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King Arthur’s Death – an epic work of battle and betrayal; an inspiration for Thomas Malory


4 pledges

Digital edition only with your name in the back


31 pledges

Limited edition Hardback with your name in the back and one digital edition only


44 pledges

One Collector's Edition Hardback, signed by the author, with your name in the back, and one digital edition only.


18 pledges

Signed and Personally Dedicated Collector's Edition Hardback plus digital edition, with your name in the back

Double Signed

2 pledges

Two Collector's Hardbacks, signed by the author, with two different supporter names in the back, and two digital editions.

Agincourt Arthur

5 pledges

All to Collector's level plus boxed set of 16 greetings cards featuring drawings by the author, some of which appear in the book

King Arthur Dedicated

1 pledge

All to the Collector's level plus a hand-drawn image by the author on the title page featuring King Arthur’s coat of arms (taken from the original manuscript), and a personal dedication from the author to a named person of your choice.

20 available

King Arthur Print

1 pledge

All to Collector's level plus Artists’ Guild Quality giclee print of illustration from the book showing King Arthur, signed by the author and ready for framing.

20 available

Dedicated Battle Linocut Print

2 pledges

Everything at the King Arthur Dedicated level plus an ORIGINAL linocut print hand-pressed and signed by the author on 250gsm Somerset Velvet art paper and featuring the final battle scene between King Arthur and Mordred.
Only 5 available

Round Table Prints

All to King Arthur Print level plus 4 other Artists’ Guild Quality giclee prints of illustrations from the book featuring: Sir Lancelot; Sir Gawain; Mordred; The Last Battle, each signed by the author and ready for framing (5 prints in total).

10 available

Noble Patron

All to King Arthur Print level plus Michael will design a mediaeval coat of arms based around your family history (or use your existing coat of arms, if you lucky enough to have one from the College of Arms) and include it in one of the illustrations in the book, with a description of your armorial bearings in the back, recognising you as a Noble Patron. Pledgers at this level will also receive a Artists Guild Quality giclee print of the illustration featuring their coat of arms, signed by the author.

Author Visit

Michael will visit your reading or writing group (UK) to give a talk on translating mediaeval English alliterative poetry and answer your questions. Includes 5 hardback editions that Michael will sign on the day.

2 available

Arthur Crown

10 copies of the hardback, all to Collector's level, plus your name in the front as main patron.

Only 1 available