Killing Beauties

By Pete Langman

Three 17th Century female spies work secretly to restore Charles II to the throne.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Proof of the pudding

Is one thing, but the proofs of a book are quite another.

That's right, after a summer of editing, we are done with such fripperies. Now Killing Beauties has been typeset, and quite delightful it looks, too. You are all going to love it - and that's before you even start to read it. I cannot quite express how happy it has made me to see it on paper. Or how excited I am to know that you will all see the fruits of both my labour and of your patronage. My thanks to you all. When you see someone reading it on the tube, and spot a review someplace or other (the good ones, obviously), you can quite legitimately say 'I made that happen', and smile knowing that you have helped bring a rather lovely book into the world, and given Susan and Diana new voice.

The onrush of proofs also means that the opportunity to appear as a supporter in the book itself will soon end, so if you're stuck for a christmas present for that bookworm, or know someone who would love to read it, and would appreciate the opportunity to appear as a patron, then now's the time!

We will soon be letting everyone know when and where the official launch party (oh yes, there will be a party - and you are all invited) will be so you can bring your copies for me to sign, purchase new ones, tell me how you think page 168 ought to have read, and generally toast our heroines. I do hope to see as many of you as possible - then we can go overboard and hold it somewhere especially cool.

Thank you all again,




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