Killing Beauties

By Pete Langman

Three 17th Century female spies work secretly to restore Charles II to the throne.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Now that was a good start

25% in the first week is a great start, and a big thank you to everyone who has pledged in support of Killing Beauties so far. There’s still a way to go, mind, but confidence is high. The print will be ready for display very soon, as the awesome Helen Masacz has been working on it for the past few days. It’s worth checking her out on the internet to get a flavour of what she does. We think the prints are going to go very quickly, so don’t hang around.

Historical fiction is an interesting genre, and the story of Susan Hyde is a fascinating one, and as with the other female spies or she-intelligencers who were her comtemporaries, one still rather under the radar. But then again, they would  hardly be good spies if everyone knew about them, now would they?

Onwards ...

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