Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Shock, horror.  I am considering changing the title of the book.  Should anyone reading this have strong views, do let me know them.  

Kicking the bar was something Dad and I did together if he didn't have time for a walk.  We strode up and down the terrace overlooking Richmond Hill, and 'kicked the bar'.  It was a tradition imported from Aberystwyth, where the phrase and practice originated (Aber has a long promenade).  

Huw Wheldon: Drunken by the Wine of a Noble Aim is the front runner.  Huw Wheldon: Let the Voices Sing is another possibility.  Huw Wheldon: Baron of the Box is a third.  All would be described as "a filial biography".

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Matthew Line
Matthew Line says:

Having kicked the bar on many occasions with your family, maybe there is a bit of nostalgia in there, but I like 'Kicking the Bar'. It conveys Huw's feistiness, a game-raising refusal to accept second best - less of an hommage.

April 29, 2015

Wynn Rees
Wynn Rees says:

Well. Of the three you offered, I would place them in the order 3,1,2 (numbering according to the order you placed them). Even then I would quibble with "Baron". Had he got to the House of Lords, then that might be different. I'm with Mathew Line. I rather like "Kicking the Bar". Maybe because I have already got used to it. But also because it includes you. And also, "filial biography" follows easily.

April 29, 2015

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