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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

On 24th March the battalion was off again from a Transit Camp in East Anglia, bound for Germany, which Dad insisted would be “a welcome change from Bloody B[urford]”.  It wasn’t though.  Richard Rees, RUR MO, and later to be my Uncle, later wrote:


It was in Coesfelt that Huw was shot.   As a railway town and junction, Coesfelt had received more than passing attention by the RAF.   He had been shot by a sniper and for years afterwards we pulled his leg for having been shot by German Home Guard!   But his wound was serious, a through and through wound of the buttock.   Fortunately it had missed bone, artery, and sciatic nerve.   He was evacuated immediately, and with Penicillin then available in Military Hospitals I knew he would soon be OK again.



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