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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Robert Graves in Majorca

Off soon to Majorca, where Dad interviewed Robert Graves at his home in Deja.  Now a museum.  Looking forward to visiting.  i think David Jones filmed it.  dad did the interview.  Unlike Durrell, whom he thought meretricious, Dad liked Graves.  Kingsley Amis visited around the same time and had this to say:  "I have never again encountered a group of people so radically opposed to falseness, meanness or any expression of bad manners".  


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Wynn Rees
 Wynn Rees says:

I am reading "Into the Silence" by Wade Davis. He has a ghastly story about Robert Graves' experience of the First World War. Graves went off to Majorca abandoning Britain, never to return there to live. "Of the war he remained mute .."

posted 26th June 2015

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