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Thursday, 8 October 2015

I am well aware that this is a bit of a nerve, but Needs Must.  I'd like you to seriously consider the puchase of my new collection of poems, entitled 'Private Places'.  It is to be published on 19 October by Indigo Dreams.  There is a website where you can read various nice things that intellegient people have said about the collection, as well as some of the poems themselves. You can then PRE-ORDER the book itself.  That website is here:  

HOWEVER, should you want to avoid paying postage, you can always come and see me reading from the book at the Poetry Society, 22 Betterton Street, London WC2H on 19 NOVEMBER at 7.00 pm

NB In the likely event of your not finding my poems to your taste - they are a very eclectic bunch so there should be something - then surely you will want a copy for the cover alone, which in years to come will guarantee your investment was worth your pennies. It is by illustrator Molly Line.

Please don't forget to pass on the Unbound details of Kicking the Bar to anyone you might think would be interested. War, Wales and Televsion - those are the Great Themes.


Thank you.

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