Kicking The Bar

By Wynn Wheldon

A brand new biography of the legendary broadcaster, Huw Wheldon

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Thank you to everyone who has pledged , of course, but this particular thank you goes to those who have pledged in the last week or so.  As you will all have noticed I have all but done away with any fiction of good breeding, and am now simply demanding pledges.  If you know of anyone who could do with a nudge, or perhaps an aged aunt who loved TV in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, NUDGE!  I have 42 days left, apparently, to bring in the goods.  In the meantime I must get on with finishing the book.  It is the TV stuff I am doing, and while I am trying to include a certain amount of TV history, I'm no historian or media historian (as apparently nowexists), so the telling is really from the sofa and the kitchen table.  Having said that, it is easy to get hung up on office politics - it all gets positively Shakespearian - and I've read far more than I really need to know.  I've decided that Dad didn't really want to be Director general (lots of people - Brian Blessed for one) think he WAS, but this would have involved him with Governors, Trustees and the whole Broadcasting House mob - radio!  He was rather contemptuous of radio.  Thought it full of stuffed shirts.  Altogether too Oxbridge.  He liked to be at sea, not stuck in the Admiralty.  


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