Kicking The Bar

By Wynn Wheldon

A brand new biography of the legendary broadcaster, Huw Wheldon

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


So - today (Thursday) the book is actaully published. If you haven't yet received your copy, I'm sure you will soon. Excitingly it has already been spotted in Waterstone's in Cirencester.  It is practically a best seller. But enough of the world-beating. I have just spent the bank holiday weekend with my wife visiting our son Cal in Aberystwyth, where he is at University.  I spent two days watching his sevens team playing stupendous rugby, burning my distinguished bald pate something rotten; we then spent a day checking out his lodgings for next year, playing snooker (he won both frames) and walking to the top of Constitution Hill.  On the way we KICKED THE BAR.  Here are the important photos. 

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Sam Arnold-Forster
 Sam Arnold-Forster says:

Its also available in Waterstone's in Canary Wharf this morning.

posted 5th May 2016

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