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By Wynn Wheldon

A brand new biography of the legendary broadcaster, Huw Wheldon

Friday, 16 January 2015

Into the Great Blue Yonder

OK, so Day two.  teatime.  Up to 9 %.  I've no idea if this is good or bad.  I assume that there is a large initial rush as the family all log on, and then friends, before it splutters into the teens.  We shall see.  it is rather nerve-wracking.  I feel a little like one of those tight shouldered performers from the Eurvision Song Contest, who look so comfortable on stage (despite the appalling nature of most of their songs), and turn into bags of nerves as the results come in.  Getting null points from your best friends - that sort of thing.  Anyway, as it happens, people are being terrifically generous.

A note on the work itself:  the book is substantially already written.  The bones are in place and a good deal of the organs.  Now the flesh needs to be applied.  I apologise if this is a gruesome metaphor.  I've been watching a lot of Peaky Blinders lately.  I recommend it to all, despite its violence.  It has a theatricality rare in modern TV, and it also owes a lot to Tarantino.  Cillian Murphy is outstandingly good, but then again it must give you a great deal of confidence having a coat like that.

Somewhat off-piste there - apologies.  There is an enormous amount of swearing in Peaky Blinders.  It wouldn't even have been tried in Dad's day, but it isn't the kind of thing that would have overly bothered him.  So far as he was concerned sex and violence, where appropriate - i.e. in a decent piece of writing that called for them - was fine.  Mediocrity was the sin.

OK, enough for the moment. Please do ask questions if you have them.

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