Monday, 23 March 2015

We have now passed the 70% mark, which I'm told is very good news, but we need a few extra pushes to get over the line (and increase the number of pictures in the book - very important).  I also have to finish the thing.  I have written the second half only once, and it takes at least three attempts to get anything close to right, so I need to buck up.  I'd be delighted to hear any stories or anecdotes or impressions that those  of you who knew him might have about Dad.  I think I've been through all the published material, though even today I came across a fact I hadn't known - not a big one, but a new one nonetheless: that he reviewed a book for the Royal Society of Arts Journal, entitled 'Making thr Future Work' by John Diebald (anyone know it?), and now I must track that down.  

I'd like to express again how grateful and astonished I am by the generosity of you pledgers.  It is very good for the soul.

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