Kicking The Bar

By Wynn Wheldon

A brand new biography of the legendary broadcaster, Huw Wheldon

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I walked up many Welsh mountains with Dad, but never Cader Idris (I finally did this lovely mountain with my own son Caleb, on a day unmarred by cloud or cold).  This is an excerpt from a letter Dad wrote during the war, while on leave:

"Up Cader Idris the other day, smacking big mountain, and saw two kestrels, five buzzards & many many herons, dropping lazily into flight as we interrupted their meditations in a way that would have made Arnot Robertson[1] scream with ecstasy: that lazy, effortless drop into clear air, with its hidden moment of tension. "


[1] Eileen Arbuthnot Robertson (1903-1961) was a British novelist and film critic. She was a regular on the British radio show My Word

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