Keeping On

By James Kennedy

Failed rock stars have all the best stories... and even better lessons

Autobiography | Humour
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Publication date: Autumn 2020

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Being a winner is easy. It's being a failure that's hard. The tale that follows is not another cliched collection of Rock'n'Roll debaucheries (sorry) nor is it another tired fable of triumph over adversity (you're welcome). It's the story of how a half deaf kid from a tiny, remote village in South Wales came to be hailed as a 'genius' by the UK's biggest radio station and headhunted by major record labels. The following year, the music industry crashed – and it crashed hard, losing with it an entire generation of talented artists who would now never get their shot. CNN would later call it 'Music's lost decade'. This is the story of one of its survivors.

Along the way there will be goodies, baddies, gun toting label execs, life-saving surgeons, therapy, true love, loyalty, hope, breakdowns, suicidal managers, betrayal, drummers and way too many hangovers. It's a story about why you learn better lessons from good losers. Why it really is all about the journey. Why you really must do that thing, even though you're going to fail. Why motivational Self Help is bullshit. Why music is the best. And why in the end, it really was all rather simple.
Keeping On is part memoir, part exposé of the music world's murky underbelly and part collection of life lessons gained from many years of 'trying' but ultimately having to learn to live with defeat. Emotional, painfully honest, funny, informative and ridiculous, it takes the reader into the daily reality of a musician during the music industry's historic recent transformation - and is filled with digressions about society, politics and the human condition. It is also a celebration and a tribute to the life-saving magic that is music.

Other fun extras include 'How to get in the charts (it's easy!)', 'Secrets From My Therapy' and tips for emerging musicians ('Everything becomes f**ked when you start earning money').
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