Keanu Reeves Is Not In Love With You

By Becky Holmes

My Encounters With Online Romance Scammers

Saturday, 19 February 2022

Well who’d have thought it?

Hello lovelies

I've reached my first big milestone - 25% towards the pledge target. GET IN! 

It happened quicker than I expected so Keanu and I want to say an effing MASSIVE thank you to all of you who have pledged. It's hard not to sound like some nauseating actress at the BAFTAs here, but this really is down to you (my goodness that was hard to write without my gag reflex taking over). It's true though - without pledges the book simply doesn't get published, and after all this I refuse to let that happen!


The next 25% is going to be much harder to raise but I will not give up. The book will have lots of funny content but there is a really serious element to it as well as a LOT more needs to be done to highlight how online romance fraud ruin people's lives.


This book is my contribution to that cause.


Lots of love, Becky and Keanu xx


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