Keanu Reeves Is Not In Love With You

By Becky Holmes

My Encounters With Online Romance Scammers

Thursday, 9 March 2023

Take some advice from Phil Collins

Hello lovelies


Phil Collins has been quoted as saying: "Wait for it. Wait for it. Anticipation is half the fun."


When I got into this book-writing malarky I didn't realise how long the process is. There's me typing away thinking I'll write it, send it off to my editor and it'll be in the shops before I can say Keanu Reeves. It turns out that it's a teeny tiny bit more complicated than that and industry standard is a year between an author finishing a novel and it hitting the shelves. There are a million editing stages, artwork, legal sign off, trade deals blah de blah de blah. When I heard it would be published in January 2024 I nearly imploded like a dying star. Sooooooooo long away.


So with that in mind, the point of this message is that because Unbound uses a crowdfunding system I'm aware how many of you pledged for the book before I'd even started writing it so your wait between payment and receiving the book might seem like forever. Hopefully you understand why this is and you enjoy it even more because of that sweet, sweet anticipation.


On a soppy note - I'm so grateful to all of you for supporting me x 

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Brian Taylor
 Brian Taylor says:

I am sure it will be worth the wait.

posted 9th March 2023

Becky Taylor
 Becky Taylor says:

Thanks for update, happy to wait. Well done in getting it published, it’s going to be great

posted 9th March 2023

Robin Evans
 Robin Evans says:

Thanks for letting us know! Much as I hate waiting, I'm rather looking forward to your book blowing away some of the January Blues in the new year..

posted 9th March 2023

Gary Bruce
 Gary Bruce says:

Not a problem Becky ….. we got it this far

posted 9th March 2023

Spider Rouge
 Spider Rouge says:

Unlike Prostrate Exams…I’m sure that this book will be worth the wait and far better for you when it’s all over and done with…or is that the other way around. ….!
Also, I’d like to become a 1K Patron but only if you promise to visit me in prison for however long it takes me to pay back the stolen/swindled/‘Purloined Government PPP Procurement Contracted’ Pledge Fee….during which you shall be, absolutely without fail wearing a homemade OIL-RIG Fancy Dress Costume, move in 3D slow motion like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix’ whilst talking like Elvis Presley for the duration of each visit….all with a gob-full of spinach.
If this is acceptable to you, I shall likewise commit. Otherwise please accept my sincerest gratitude for receiving all of these pervy little creeps so we, the good folk of planet earth…do not have to.
Much love and support, Spider de Rouge

posted 9th March 2023

Gillian Hardy
 Gillian Hardy says:

Looking forward to reading all about your relationship with Keanu , I’m sure it will be worth waiting for !!

posted 9th March 2023

Ruth Whiting
 Ruth Whiting says:

I’m already desperate to read it so the anticipation will make me consume it with gusto once it’s here!
I have no problem waiting for it and thank you for your great communication along your book writing journey!

posted 9th March 2023

Caroline McKnight
 Caroline McKnight says:

January 2024 will be here before you know it Becky! I've no problem waiting. I'm really looking forward to an excellent read written by a wonderful human.

posted 9th March 2023

Sue Payne
 Sue Payne says:

Pffft, but on the basis you are now offering muggles 10% off if they pre-order, I think we "especially patient supportive folk" deserve an extra 10% of exclusive doodlings .... so back to your crayons Mrs! And failing that, send us a Christmas Card .... or a Steam voucher xx

posted 9th March 2023

Gordon Wild flynn
 Gordon Wild flynn says:

No worries Becky. You should have just blamed it on Brexit. We'd have all just nodded and murmured.

posted 13th March 2023

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