Kayak The Kwanza

By Oscar Scafidi

Two friends paddle, hike and wade 1300km along Angola's longest river in support of The HALO Trust's demining work.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

We did it...Kayak The Kwanza is being published!

Hello to all our supporters. I have just returned to Europe after a month of travelling around Angola. It is great to see how rapidly the country is developing under their new president. There was a palpable feeling of optimism throughout the country. In that spirit, this is a quick note to say thank you to all 80 of our backers. We hit 100% funded a few days ago with a record 11 pledges this week! The book will now move onto the editorial and production process.

The big question now is: how long until you get your book? I don't have a precise answer, but the Unbound FAQ page notes that "Once a book reaches 100% funding, and once the author has handed in their manuscript, the production process will begin. This process usually takes between 10 months - 1 year. This may seem a lengthy period of time, but is to ensure that the book is of the highest possible quality."

I will speak to the folks at Unbound and let you know more specific information when I have it. Cannot wait to get the story out there! Thanks again for supporting us, and supporting The HALO Trust in their mission to make Angola landmine-free by 2025.

P.S. Here is a photo of a tank from my travels in Angola this June. Still quite a common sight in the interior of the country:


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