Just Where You Left It . . . and Other Poems

By David Roche

How to Survive School, Parents and Everything Else That’s Unfair in Life

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Castle of Otranto pledge level - more information

I have been asked for more details about our apartment in Otranto for this pledge level. Otranto is a beautiful Italian coastal resort in the region of Salento, the Southernmost tip of Puglia in the heel of Italy. This is traditional and unspoilt Italy at its best. Much of Italy's olive oil comes from this region, along with fabulous wines such as the magnificent Negromara, Malvasia and Primitivo grape varieties - the latter of which was re-born as Zinfandel in California. The seafood is amazing and the coast, beaches, beautiful aquamarine sea, and lovely towns to visit make this a haven for those who want to explore Italy a little off the beaten track.

More information on the apartment, Otranto and the surrounding areas and places to visit is available here on our website: www.otrantoapartment.com and here on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/otrantoapartment/.

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