Schools Out - do your kids like any poems?

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Attention all PARENTS and TEACHERS - I know that many of you work closely with other parents to help your childrens' school organise activities and arrange fundraising events in order to make them happen.

- do your kids enjoy any poetry? If not (or not much) then do look at my new book which makes poems fun and is about things that your kids can relate to. It was born as a result of attending several poetry evenings at my kids' school and the poems were loved by the kids and parents alike, who described them as 'fresh', 'funny', and even 'a blessed relief'!

- has your children's school ever run a poetry reading competition? As part of the crowdunding offers for my kids poetry book, I am offering a Schools Out option where I would work with the school to invent one if they need it or enhance it if they already have one. I'd also write a bespoke poem, specially tailored for the school, and my illustrator could do a one-off, bespoke design, incorporating the school crest and motto, that can become the event's logo, and even framed prizes for the winners.

Find out more on Unbound about the book and pledging to reserve your copy, and other offers, at Just Where You Left It... and Other Poems (How To Survive School, Parents, And Everything Else That's Unfair In Life)

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