Just Where You Left It . . . and Other Poems

By David Roche

How to Survive School, Parents and Everything Else That’s Unfair in Life

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Haway! Been a stranger, no nib in my shed... (to the tune of Away in a Manger... hang on, it's still November)

Hurricane 2016 has nearly blown over - only one month to go. Thank the little lord Jesus for that! 

'Er, any progess on the book I've coughed up for?' many of you have asked. Well, the super-talented Dave Cornmell has sent through some really fantastic draft illustrations for the majority of the poems so we will work these up to the final drawings; see below for a sneak peek of a couple of early versions - too much on show?! In case you were wondering, these are only draft sketches, not the genesis of a colouring-in version of my book! The text itself still needs to be checked through and a final edit done, then the pages laid out, and after that the book starts to be put together. At the end there will be final proof checking and only then will it be ready for the printer, so there's still quite a way to go.

I will be catching up on fulfilling the generous higher pledge level commitments in the New Year, so instead of Dry January, I will be booking boozy lunches and chef'ing Shepherds Pies. I plan that these will be sprung from Spring. You know who you are. I hope to know soon too. Data protection.

Meantime, Unbound are still taking pledges so please share the link with anyone who you think would be interested in reserving their copy of the book, gifting it on to someone else, and having their name in the back of the book as a supporter. This could be the publishing event of 2017.      If 2017 continues where 2016 leaves off...

Finally, a plug for my wonderful patron: Issue 7 of chicken! Newspaper is now out and in schools (see here). It's on the subject of Friendship, and I'm very proud to have written the foreword and to have a kids' poem about emojis in it. The time is ripe right now for a current affairs magazine for 7-12 year old kids as some parents are flummoxed as to how to explain what is going on in the world! Trump, refugees, immigrants and Brexit have all been taken on by chicken! rather than ducked in the last few issues - you can find the links to them here! Do consider sponsoring a proper, lovely, paper copy each for all the children in your kid's classroom - teachers love it too; find out more on how here.

Best wishes, David




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