Just Where You Left It . . . and Other Poems

By David Roche

How to Survive School, Parents and Everything Else That’s Unfair in Life

Friday, 10 June 2016

Drunk As A Lord pledge option

So the £500 pledge level for my book on Unbound is now 'As Seen on TV...' If you are curious about the 'Drunk As A Lord' option to accompany me to a day at an England match at Lord's then apparently you could see a sneak preview of the experience on Sky Sports yesterday. I would have had a banner had I known.

On offer is a full day out at the cricket with me accompanying you to the cricket on a Rover ticket available to MCC members' guests only. I will take you around and show you the real tennis court and museum if you so desire. A few sherbets will inevitably be imbibed. I will even bring a more sensibl hat if asked nicely.

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