When Joshua Jones goes down a cave so does Danny Scheinmann

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Researching a novel can be a lot of fun. When Joshua Jones went in to the cave where his father died I thought I had better follow him. The South Wales Caving Club very kindly gave me special access to one of the biggest cave networks in Britain. It was a terrifying and exhilirating experience and was vital in making the caving sequences in the book authentic. There is a real before and after about making this video. I am doing my best to hide it, but when I started climbing down the ladder in to the cave I was really nervous.  It's not like going in to a huge cavern with a crowd of tourists, it's a tiny hole less than 3 foot wide. At one point I was a hundred metres underground, lying on my back edging through a crevice made by the water. The rock was a  few centimetres from my nose. I couldn't even raise my knees. If there had been the slightest movement of rock I would have been crushed like an ant. Watch the video and see how I felt when I came out. 

I'm past half way and closing in on that target. Please keep sharing and I'll get there in no time. Thanks for your support.  

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