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Monday, 23 March 2015

I love reading traditional stories for their wisdom. Good stories are like stones that are polished and polished by storytellers until they become shiny nuggets of truth that are universal to all cultures. When we were filming the promotional video for the book I took the time to record one such traditional story used in the book for my shed. (See attached video.)

I love this particular story because it raises more questions than it answers. When you are lost in the forest and there is no way out do you keep looking for exits or do you accept (and even enjoy) the fact that you are stuck there for life? The old woman knows every path that leads nowhere. There are no easy routes through life and yet she appears resigned and content with her lot. 

Joshua Jones is told this story by a wise teacher as a child and only later as an adult does it begin to make sense. 

If you like this story and want to hear more like it, you can pledge to come to a storytelling dinner or come on a storytelling walk with me. Or you can post your thoughts on my Unbound homepage I would love to hear from you. 

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