Joker Face

By Steve Best

Portraits of Britain's leading comedians and their favourite one liners

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Last Chance

Hello My Pledgering Friends

I see you have had an email asking to confirm your names in the back of my book. Choose wisely as we have changed the name of the book to confuse you even further. It is now called Joker Face. Not that I'm encouraging you to change your name. Although I suppose if you've ever wanted to be called Cuthbert Hintergarden or Rosemary Thyme Cheekrash then this is the time.

The reason Unbound has asked you to confirm your name is because the book has started its long arduous journey into drafts, production and publication. So if you know anybody else that wants their name, real or otherwise, in the back of Joker Face, and in fact more importantly would like the book (it is most wonderful), then please do not hesitate to pass on the link for them to pledge. They have until the 12th February.

Here are several spreads of the comedians (you know what I mean). Please excuse the typos as this is only the first draft.

And thank you once again for being who you are, whoever you are, and whoever you decide to call yourself!

Steve x



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