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Friday, 16 September 2016


Yippee, the first draft of Comedy Snapshots has been submitted to Unbound. And then the next day I heard from Mark Steel who replied to my questions (I had been waiting over a year!). Here are the questions I ask all the comedians...

When and where you started comedy
A one-liner joke of yours
4 o5 5 facts about yourself that has nothing to do with your comedy career (unless weird and wonderful) 

I'm really happy he answered as I do think he's a very funny man and so wanted him in the book. He'll get in the next draft!

And then, a few days ago, in Kingston, in a tiny little comedy club called 'Outside The Box' Jack Dee turns up to try out some new material. He was up for being in the book, so I took a picture of him, and then he answered the questions there and then, THERE AND THEN. Oh, what joy! No emailing for months on end, seriously, what joy... although it doesn't show in his face! 

I've had a few emails and messages asking where your copy of the book is as some of you ordered it a long time ago - hopefully all will be ready by the end of the year, maybe early next year. I'll keep you posted.

Come on Dara O Briain, still waiting for your answers!

Speak soon 

Steve Best


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Paul Lamb
Paul Lamb says:

Brilliant Steve!

I started in comedy four years ago with a gig in a pub in Southend. Just after my nervy five mins a man threw an entire pizza at the MC and started a fight!

My favourite one liner is 'I didn't go to my hypochondriacs' anonymous meeting last night. Too ill'.

Before starting comedy I had a 31 year career as a copper. For those other officers who saw how I worked they would say I was destined for a career in comedy. I also work part time as a security officer at an airport. I once searched Steven Gerrard and accidentally touched his left bollock!

September 16, 2016

andrew zapp
andrew zapp says:

I did my first gig five years ago, but started doing 'comedy' about year and half ago...if you get my drift.

Proud of this: I went to the doctors and he said to me "Mr Zapp can you maintain an erection"? I said "Of course I can, just not my own"......

Love playing the harmonica, been in prison, been to an orgy, not in prison and I've been slung out of two art schools...don't ask!

October 07, 2016

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