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Joined Up Thinking

The hidden connections behind fascinating facts. by Stevyn Colgan

Review for Joined Up Thinking

Some reviews on publication of the first edition (this is the second, updated edition): ‘I found myself fascinated and somewhat dizzy. Most impressive’ – Stephen Fry ‘Dizzily intriguing’ – The Bookseller ‘Quite simply the best way to spend time when not shopping, sleeping or preparing food’ – Tony Hawks (author of Around Ireland with a Fridge) ‘This is not a stocking filler – this is a real book. Buy several copies and keep one’ – Daily Telegraph ‘The book’s packed with great info, from the derivation of the phrase ‘letting the cat out of the bag’ to the name for the thin bits of a cricket bail. Spigots, since you ask’ – Mark Mason (author of The Importance of being Trivial) ‘If you’ve ever looked at the Eiffel Tower and wondered how it’s related to Dracula, then Stevyn Colgan is your man. It’s trivia porn’ – London Lite ‘He connects each piece of his puzzle in a concise, chatty, easy to follow, even logical, manner. Colgan has the knack of making it all sound intensely fascinating’ – New Zealand Herald ‘Stevyn Colgan has a theory; everything in the world can be connected through “six degrees of information”. Trying to prove it takes us up some strange alleys but his engaging style means we don’t get stuck down the road of intellectual whimsy’ – Maxim