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A literary novel about a man on a road trip through his own mind with Jon Bon Jovi


86 pledges

Ebook edition


112 pledges

First edition hardback, and ebook edition

Hardback and Three Designer Postcards / Sold out

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Earlybird Signed Hardback / Sold out

25 pledges

Collectable Signed Hardback / Sold out

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Mix Tape / Sold out

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Art Print / Sold out

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Art Print and Mix Tape / Sold out

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Launch Party

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Two tickets to the launch party plus a first edition hardback, and ebook edition
Only 10 available

Launch Party plus Karaoke

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A ticket to the launch party, then join Dan and co for karaoke afterwards (there will be Bon Jovi songs aplenty). Plus a first edition hardback, and ebook edition
Numbers limited

Manuscript Edit by Richard Skinner / Sold out

1 pledge

Frontispiece / Sold out