The Story of John Nightly

By Tot Taylor

A novel about the rise and fall of a 70s musical prodigy

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

An update

A quick update for all of my pledgers and supporters of the novel to let you know that due to my being consumed by copy-editing… and the proofs for ‘The Story of John Nightly’ — I am currently fairly unavailable on MEDIUM (i.e. in words) but reasonably available on Instagram @tottaylor  (i. e. in pictures) if you follow my photo-album there— I am posting ‘enlightening’ images most mornings. I’ll be meeting many of you in person soon anyway - as publication date will be this summer.  

It's not too late to Pledge if you would like one of Unbound's super-deluxe hardbacks so take care and don’t let Agent Orange get to you!              

Tot Taylor


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Frances Hatch
 Frances Hatch says:

thanks Tot... it's quite a business getting to that point when copy is copy and editing edited.
It looks a large tome... so much looking forward to reading something that I will, I'm sure, recognise.
Anyway- all best from West Dorset.
A thought: if you needed a very un fen- like editing 'retreat' - we live in a vast Victorian Vicarage ... within the sound of the sea... an acre of walled garden ... just lovely and big enough to have space .... my husband is rector (Cof E) of a valley here and the house comes with the job.Cant quite believe it sometimes ... such a gift.

posted 1st March 2017

Tot Taylor
 Tot Taylor says:

Frances, that's so kind of you. Might take you up on it. The book may surprise you - hopefully. Let me know when around in London - we must coincide sometime... TT

posted 1st March 2017

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