The Story of John Nightly

By Tot Taylor

A novel about the rise and fall of a 70s musical prodigy

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


In Bookshops today is the book you PLEDGED for and therefore made happen. Thank you! 
THE STORY OF JOHN NIGHTLY should now be in your hands. 

Feedback has been phenomenal over the first weeks so I know that some of you are already inside its pages 
and underneath its cover painting by BOB & ROBERTA SMITH. 

There’s one FINAL THING for me to ask for your help with. AMAZON has become the worldwide ‘default’ reference for BOOKS. 
Each published work needs reviews there. JOHN NIGHTLY DOES too. Why? 
Because  when a book receives 50 reviews AMAZON will offer it to anyone browsing the site.  So far, we have 15 (very good) ones.

At that point the shops take their re-orders, i. e. the novel becomes much more visible and therefore much more ‘available'. 

Here’s the ‘Review' link:

Please find time to write a short - or long! - review. If you post a review on the Amazon site you will receive an invitation 
from me to our JOHN NIGHTLY Recording-Studio ALBUM PLAYBACK day in London this where you can actually hear 
some of John Nightly’s music for the first time, have a drink or two, get some Freebie-Heebee-Jeebees and meet the author.
Thank you in advance,   Tot Taylor  

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Stan C Waterman
 Stan C Waterman says:

Just posted review on Amazon, Good luck.

posted 6th September 2017

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