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A novel about the rise and fall of a 70s musical prodigy


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E-book edition


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1000 page 1st edition hardback book, and ebook edition

John Nightly Scarf

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A limited edition John Nightly scarf, plus the 1st edition hardback and the ebook edition.

Collectable Book & Launch Party at the author's music studio

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Meet the author in the piano room and bar of his North London music studio (Monday July 24) and hear all about the story of 'The Story of John Nightly’. Includes 1st edition hardback book and ebook edition.

John Nightly's music machines

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One of John Nightly’s sixteen 1970s transistor radios which feature in the book (in A+ perfect working working order - batteries included!), plus 1st edition hardback book, ebook edition and your name in the back of the book
Only 16 available

Lunch with the author / Sold out

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Album Playback

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In the 1970s bands would have an ‘Album Playback’ party, a ritual to celebrate the conclusion of what would often be a very lengthy recording process. Join us at one of London’s most prestigious analogue recording-studios for a special 1970s style ‘music playback’. A very special evening with readings, the first ever listen to John Nightly’s recordings (mobiles at the door) and eatalot, drinkalot and talk pop music culture. Happening September 2017.

John Nightly vinyl demo

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Acetate vinyl one-off copy of John Nightly’s own demo of his 1966 Cambridge songs ‘Lavender Girl’ and ‘Steeple Gate’ which feature in the book, plus 1000 page 1st edition hardback book, ebook edition and your name in the back of the book
Only 25 available

Test Book / Sold out

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Songwriting Masterclass

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One whole day’s tuition within a very small group at Tot Taylor’s recording and writing studio in London (two three hour sessions in one day), plus the Album playback level

Tot's Master Copy / Sold out

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