Jigsaw Island

By Lynne McVernon

On a break in Greece, Annie and son Jude encounter the cause behind disturbing events in their past

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Money, money, money, money

Catching up with my Syrian friend to continue and flesh out his story of the journey from Syria to the UK. Money crops up constantly - for visas to stay in Lebanon, fines for not having visas, for bribes to police, payment to smugglers and forgers, for plane fares, ferry fares, bus fares - money borrowed and money lent. This doesn't take into account the cash needed for food, clothing and accommodation - even to have a shower. Everyone profits from a refugee's need. 

Meanwhile, Aegean Solidarity - Team UK share a post from Free Movement to say that refugees are being returned to Greece and an ever deteriorating situation.

In another life, I trained to teach English as a Second Language. I will be able to help my friend and his friends to bring their English up to a more fluent standard which, in turn, should help on the work front - and that ever important money.

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