Jeremiah Bourne in Time

By Nigel Planer

The first book in a new time-travel fantasy trilogy by the comedy legend, Nigel Planer.

Monday, 14 November 2022

Off to Berkhamsted

So the final copy edit is done, grammar, punctuation and jokes are all correct.  Next step to actually print the thing.  They've been working on an upgrade on the cover design too, it looks fantastic.  Meanwhile I'm going to be reading some extracts from the book at the Berkhamsted Lit Fest this sunday, in... Berkhamsted. 

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Heidi Westerfield
 Heidi Westerfield says:

Good luck with the reading this Sunday Nigel! Maybe there'll be a video clip from it if I'm lucky. But, more than anything, I'm looking forward to having the book in my hand to enjoy looking at and reading it.

posted 16th November 2022

Bruce MacKinnon
 Bruce MacKinnon says:

Good luck! Sending positive vibes down from Edinburgh... B & P x

posted 16th November 2022

judy green
 judy green says:

How wonderful Nigel! Video link would be fabulous xx Judy

posted 16th November 2022

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