Jeremiah Bourne in Time

By Nigel Planer

The first book in a new time-travel fantasy trilogy by the comedy legend, Nigel Planer.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

New Video Extract

Hello again, and hello for the first time to new supporters, and thanks for getting involved with Jeremiah Bourne in Time.  As of today we're at 22% Here's another extract from the book on video.  For the meanwhile these clips are only visible to you lot, I'll release them later.  When I can figure out how the technology works.  So for now enjoy all to yourselves...

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Danielle Coffey
 Danielle Coffey says:


posted 13th October 2021


This just gets better & better. Love these little extracts giving us an intriguing & fascinating insight into what's to come. Wonderful!

posted 13th October 2021

Nigel Planer
 Nigel Planer says:

Glad you like it! I'll post some more each week. Nigel

posted 13th October 2021

arshad makhdum
 arshad makhdum says:

Great stuff, Nigel. We are really looking forward to publication.

posted 19th October 2021

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