Jeremiah Bourne in Time

By Nigel Planer

The first book in a new time-travel fantasy trilogy by the comedy legend, Nigel Planer.

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Final cover design is in at last!

Here's the final cover design - I really like it.  

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E R Andrew Davis
 E R Andrew Davis says:

Very elegant design! Thank you, Mr Planer, for all the interesting project updates along the way. It sounds as if the book will be ready quite soon, which is exciting.

How's the writing of volume two in the series going?!

posted 23rd November 2022

Suzanne Maguire
 Suzanne Maguire says:

Wow, I'm loving this cover. It draws you in. Can't wait to recieve my 2 copies.

posted 23rd November 2022

Bruce MacKinnon
 Bruce MacKinnon says:

Fab... magical, mysterious, memorable!

posted 23rd November 2022

Nigel Planer
 Nigel Planer says:

Glad you like it! I’m all set to start writing the second one - plot mostly worked out. But so many distractions. Will get down to it next year. Hoping to have a draft by the time the first one comes out.

posted 23rd November 2022

Louise Romana Wade
 Louise Romana Wade says:

I really liked the placeholder design a lot, but this one is pretty good too. I'm excited to give it a read and hopefully get to read more in the series. Will we ever get a follow up in audio form, like how this was originally an audio drama?

posted 23rd November 2022

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