Jeremiah Bourne in Time

By Nigel Planer

The first book in a new time-travel fantasy trilogy by the comedy legend, Nigel Planer.

Saturday, 20 November 2021

at 40% so nearly half way there

Hello again and thanks for supporting Jeremiah Bourne in Time - thanks Michele, thanks David, hope you enjoy it.  There are moments when you see something in London that takes you back in time.  Numinous objects that have the power to transport your imagination.  Or is it your memory that is being transported?  Our memory, our collective memory?...

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Rebecca Smith
 Rebecca Smith says:

I love it when little pieces of history are left behind, it always fires up my imagination. Thanks for another video, can't wait to read your book!

posted 23rd November 2021

Nigel Planer
 Nigel Planer says:

Thanks for supporting the book. The Chatham and Dover Railway Insignia plays its part in the story. Do you have interesting time jumps around where you live? N

posted 23rd November 2021

Rebecca Smith
 Rebecca Smith says:

Ooh interesting! I'm from Stockport and we've got quite a few industrial mills still hanging around here. We've also got the viaduct, which dates back to 1840. While most of its bricks are red, some are black and I remember being told as a child that there was a black brick for every worker who died during its construction... Although I have no idea if that's actually true.

posted 24th November 2021

Nigel Planer
 Nigel Planer says:

I love stories like that. Evidence of past lives (and deaths) staring us in the face until we notice it. Even furniture, if it's old, how many people sat on this chair before me? Jeremiah Bourne is a restorer of furniture in the book, with his step dad Pete and they are returning a big old run down house to its origins. Thanks again.

posted 26th November 2021

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