Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Japanese Video Game Obscurities

By Kurt Kalata

101 rare, weird and important Japanese video games

Monday, 10 June 2019

Final Cover Reveal!

Here is the final, colored cover for the Japanese Obscurities book! We're putting on the final touches and sending it to print very shortly. The schedule has shifted slightly - backers should receive their books in October while the book will be publicly available in November. The pre-order listing is already on Amazon, which you can find here:


We're very excited to get this into your hands!

The HG101 site has been updated to include the full listing of games that are being covered as well:


Finally, we're putting out our next digest very shortly, focusing on fan favorite game developer Treasure. It should be out within a couple of days (and might even be out by the time you read this!) The information for that is here:


Please look forward to them!


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