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Two men, one theme

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Hello everyone

Last week I had the great pleasure of speaking to a man whose name you may not know but whose work is world famous. Back in 1958, Vic Flick was the lead guitarist of the popular combo The John Barry Seven and played guitar on the soundtrack of the 1960 film Beat Girl. You can hear his trademark sound in the attached YouTube clip.

A couple of years later Barry was asked to arrange the theme for a new film based on the novels of Ian Fleming. At CTS Studios in London, Flick played lead guitar on what was to became The James Bond Theme - one of the most famous pieces of music in movie history.

While that might have been enough for most people, more than two decades later Flick came within a whisker of getting his name as a performer on a Bond theme of his own. From his home in Santa Monica, Vic shared his stories of working with John Barry, his contribution to the enduring popularity of the James Bond Theme and how his distinctive gutar sound nearly ended up soundtracking another Maurice Binder opening credits sequence.

This week I'm chatting with a producer, writer and performer who, coincidentally, was the man whose song was eventually chosen in place of Vic's work for a later Bond film...

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