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On an All Time High

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Hi everyone

It's not every day that you get the chance to meet a true musical legend, but that's what happened last week when I was invited to the home of three-time Oscar-winning lyricist Sir Tim Rice.

Perhaps most famous for his work in musical theatre, Rice has penned some of the most famous songs ever seen on a West End stage. From his work on Jesus Christ Superstar to Joseph, Rice is responsible for (among others) number one records Don't Cry For Me Argentina and I Know Him So Well. He's also written countless other brilliant songs such as A Whole New World and, perhaps most famously, his hits with Elton John from The Lion King.

A lot of people I know have scratched their head when I told them I was meeting Sir Tim in the context of a book about James Bond themes. "So which one did he do?" has been a regular question. Well, Rice collaborated with John Barry on the much under-rated All Time High from Octopussy and I had the chance to ask him about working with Barry, which singer he hoped would record the song and why he now regrets not writing a song called Octopussy.

He also signed some CDs which you can now buy when you pledge to support The Complete James Bond Themes. To support the definitive guide to the 24 Bond themes, pledge now at www.unbound.co.uk/books/james-bond

Next time: the man who started it all.



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