Jaki Liebezeit: Life, Theory and Practice of a Master Drummer

By Jono Podmore

An exploration of the life and legacy of Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Extended Discography

Hi everyone!


I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Although we’ve had to postpone our London event, we’ve been keeping busy elsewhere.


One of the items in the Collectable level pledge was an extended version of the discography from the book in .pdf format.


This has now been completed and sent out to the pledgers.


Bryan has done a wonderful job on this. He has enriched the discography with notes on most of the entries, displaying the rich knowledge that only someone who has actually sought out all the records over the years could have.

There are also new and exclusive photos and updates concerning new releases.


In all this makes the extended discography an invaluable buyers guide, I hope you enjoy it!






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Vils DiSanto
 Vils DiSanto says:

Please pass along my best to Bryan! Thank you both for your invaluable work on this project!

posted 8th April 2020

Bryan O'Connell
 Bryan O'Connell says:

@vils Howya! Just noticed this, a mere 2 years later! Can you get in touch? My name, no spaces, @gmail.com

posted 22nd June 2022

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