Jacob's Advice: A Novel

By Jude Cook

Two cousins search for their Jewish identity in the Paris of 2015

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Seems like a week ago

So, a week after launching my new novel JACOB'S ADVICE with the good people at Unbound we are 15% funded with almost 60 supporters. All the Early Bird hardbacks have been snapped up, and seven of you are joining me for a Salon Night of heavy literary yak and good red wine... A fine start! A massive thank you to all who have backed the book so far... It means a great deal to me that you've dug deep. The themes of the book - especially anti-Semitism and the lamentable resurgence of the far right - are close to home (not to mention urgent politically), so I'm very glad to know the book will finally get a readership. The whole process of crowdfunding the novel has been inspiring so far - it's empowering to feel like a novelist again after a few years in the wilderness, and it's great to be able to start a conversation around the book... Do please share the JACOB'S ADVICE Unbound link on your social media (thank you to everyone who already has!), and spread the word further. A bientôt, Jude

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