Isabella and Blodwen

By Rachael Smith

A graphic novel about growing up, fitting in, and a witch from a bottle determined to wreak havoc!

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Update #17: New Studio (again!)

Hello darlings,

Firstly, I'm sorry this update is a little late! I wrestled with tax returns and deadlines, moved house, got horribly ill, then my town got hit by floods, but hopefully I'm back to some semblance of normality now. (Whatever 'normal' is, haha!)

A few of you very kindly reached out to me to ask if I was OK due to strom Ciara - I am absolutely fine, our new house is up a hill so we are safe and sound. The floods are not quite as bad as they were in 2015, but it will still be a little while until all the shops and cafes are back open. I faired a lot better than some folk. The sense of community here though has been heartwarming; strangers helping each others out, volunteering at the town hall, making drinks, sharing food, giving lifts, even opening up their spare rooms for people. I am very proud to live here.

The cafe I work in was half under water on Sunday morning but miraculously they managed to work through the night to get cleaned up and opened yesterday, where they provided free cups of tea to people helping out on the road - ain't that nice?

Anyway, enough about my lovely town! Here are some pics of my new studio! Hopefully soon I'll be able to show you more progress stuff about the book once I've settled in :) Thank you for your patience xxx


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