Isabella and Blodwen

By Rachael Smith

A graphic novel about growing up, fitting in, and a witch from a bottle determined to wreak havoc!

Monday, 6 January 2020

Update #16: A General Update!

Hey folks!

I thought I'd make a General Update (salutes) to let you know of Isabella & Blodwen plans, as well as other work plans, and also personal plans! Here goes...

  • Isabella & Blodwen plans: I'm aiming to finish the book this year! Also to give a real push to fund-raising. I feel like funding is going quite slow but my editor assures me this is normal for most projects. I'm going to apply to the Arts Council this month and possibly other places (any ideas please comment!) I'm also going to continue flyering at comic shops and comic cons!

Here are a couple of pages I completed recently:

  • Unbound plans: I'm going to make an update on here at least once a month. It will hopefully be more, but definitely the first Monday of every month, check back for Rachael facts and nonesense! I think the next update will be about my favourite comics and how they've influenced my work on Isabella & Blodwen.
  • Other work plans: My book 'Flimsy's Mewsings' has gone to print and should be available to pre-order from my shop very soon. I'm working on a lot of other projects that I can't really talk about properly yet but rest assured I'm keeping busy!
  • Rachael plans: If you're interested my resolutions this year are: Drink more water! Drink less alcohol! Read more! (please recommend books in the comments!) Work harder! Don't be a dick! Try not to die!

Love you all!

Rachael xxx


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Alan Jones
 Alan Jones says:

Think I'd be preaching to the converted if I recommended a book. There's this new up and coming writer casked Neil Gaiman ...etc. etc.

posted 6th January 2020

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