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A graphic novel about growing up, fitting in, and a witch from a bottle determined to wreak havoc!

Isabella and Blodwen is the latest book from Rachael Smith, creator of The Rabbit, Artificial Flowers, and the critically-acclaimed exploration of living with mental illness, Wired Up Wrong.

The story follows sixteen year-old Isabella who has been granted early admission to the prestigious University of Oxford. Academically gifted, but lacking in social skills, she finds navigating the hallowed halls a trial she can’t study her way out of. Mixing with older students, and struggling to find her place, she sets her heart on the coveted summer internship with her hero, Professor MacLeod. While wondering how to get the letter of recommendation she needs to be considered, she accidentally drops an exhibit from a museum she’s visiting in her bag... and Blodwen, the Witch from the Bottle enters her life!

After centuries trapped in a little silver flask, Blodwen is thrilled to find herself in the thick of things at a University dorm, and is determined to make the most of her newfound freedom. Isabella makes a number of frantic attempts to return the bottle, and Blodwen, to the museum and rid herself of this meddling witch, all foiled. After a night out goes terribly wrong, Blodwen and Isabella argue, prompting Blodwen to cast a curse on Isabella – that she can only hear people speak if they care about her.

Silence descends on Isabella’s life. After a frightening encounter with a lecturer she thought she could trust, she desperately turns to Blodwen, and the two begin to work together, to get Isabella her internship, and to get Blodwen the satisfaction she needs to be set free from the bottle, and the world, that bind her.

Aimed at a young adult audience, and exploring themes of friendship, growing up, and finding your place in the world, Isabella and Blodwen is a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt alone and that the world is against them.

Supporters of the book will have access to exclusive weekly updates covering all aspects of the comics creation process, as well as sneak peeks of what's to come in the book!

About the Book:

200 Page Full-colour Hardback

Rachael Smith is a comic artist and writer based in the UK. She has created numerous, critically acclaimed comic books including House Party, Artificial Flowers, Wired Up Wrong, and The Rabbit, which was nominated for Best Book in the 2015 British Comic Awards, following her nomination for Emerging Talent the previous year. Rachael has also worked on Titan's Doctor Who Comic series, and is a regular contributor to Empathize This, a website which gives a platform to marginalised voices through the medium of comics.

A sneak peek at the interiors:


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