Ireland's Green Larder

By Margaret Hickey

A glorious ramble down the centuries telling the story of food and drink in Ireland

Friday, 24 November 2017

The chimes at midnight!

Hello to you, all of my lovely shed people! Did you think I'd forgotten you? Far from it. I know I haven't sent out a message for a while, but I have been beavering away at Ireland's Green Larder - reading the proofs and agonising over my acknowledgments.Being thrilled with the illustrations and the design of the book. Getting excited about it all. This is NOT the definitive cover, but it'll give you a notion.

I have just come back from London, where the weather was balmy - almost t-shirt weather in mid-November! And I called to Unbound to see how it's all progressing. And it's all looking very good indeed. What I hadn't appreciated fully is that the special edition for the pledgers is a superior product altogether - better paper, better binding and so on. So you will be getting the Rolls Royce book - all being well, in time for St Patrick's Day. I know that Unbound will have sent out reminders to check that you're happy with the name that will be printed in the back of that edition. But the other news of VITAL importance is that if you haven't pledged before midnight on 27th May you will probably not get your name in the book, although you will, of course, get the book nevertheless.

SO if you are wondering what on earth to give Aunt Mabel and Cousin Dorothy for Christmas, if you are feeling generously disposed towards your work colleagues, if you have a highly intelligent dog who enjoys reading, if you want to reward your milkman, then these are all situations which call out for you to pledge on behalf of others!

These ladies have pledged and are eagerly awaiting their special editions, so why don't you tell your friends to do the same? PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

I'll be back soon, I promise!


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