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By Margaret Hickey

A glorious ramble down the centuries telling the story of food and drink in Ireland

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Just broken the tape!

What do you think of my new pad? A step up from th'ould shed, eh? It's all thanks to you, my supporters. I'm now in the happy position of being 100% FULLY FUNDED!!!! Which means that the book is going into production! There is light at the end of the tunnel of your waiting! BUT LISTEN! (I know I'm going a bit mad with the exclamation marks.) I still have to carry on funding as I would like to repay a little of what two major donors put in towards the end.

If I don't, I could be back in this shed, with the door off!  You wouldn't wish that on me, would you?

After getting the great news that book production has begun, I had a lovely brainstorming session with the brilliant Julian, who will be doing the illustrations and book cover. He is immersing himself in all things Irish and all things food and I know he will do a great job. So thank you all for your wonderful support. I really need to build up some momentum, because I don't want this book to come out to an echoing silence. I am proud that all your names will be printed in this first edition, but I am determined that it should reach many, many people who don't yet know about it. Some of you know me personally, some don't and have signed up solely on the strength of the video and the description of the book. So please spread the word. The end is in sight!

I wanted to finish with a few seconds of my pal Keith playing the small pipes, but I'd better ask his permission first. I'll be back soon!

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Dolores O'Shea
 Dolores O'Shea says:

Congratulations, well done! Love the first photo - you look fantastic!

posted 21st June 2017

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