Ireland's Green Larder

By Margaret Hickey

A glorious ramble down the centuries telling the story of food and drink in Ireland

Friday, 2 March 2018

Counting the days

I'm sitting here at home in the west of Ireland with the snow swirling round and the temperature below zero and a warm glow inside me, as my book is due to be delivered to Unbound today. Now, they've had some snow, too, so it may be a little delayed, but for you, my heroic pledgers, the wait is nearly finished! Hallelujah.I can't wait to hold the actual book in my hands.

If you pledged for a specially dedicated copy, then your wait might take a little longer. I'll be going to sign copies before Easter, and then if you have super-pledged for one of the special treats, you'll be hearing from Unbound soon.

Now I've got to start thinking about launches and drawing attention to the book. I'm hoping to get coverage in both Ireland and the UK and since there's only a small window of opportunity for any book to shine before the next one bumps it out of the way I have to make the most of it.

I'd be delirious to hear from you once you've received your special edition. An unending hymn of praise would be nice, but I'm open to criticism and comments, too!

I'll be giving a talk at the Galway City Museum on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. 2pm. It'll be on the egg, as you might have guessed. Its importance in the history of food in Ireland and a review of some of the many superstitions that relate to eggs in the pishogues and superstitions surrounding food. That great food writer M F K Fisher once said that there is nothing more mysterious than the inside of an egg. Certainly, the shell must be one of nature's very best forms of packaging. 

Looking forward to hearing from ye all! I wanted to send ye a short video of coconut trimming, but it won't cooperate. Later!


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