A Christmas Shed

Sunday, 25 December 2016

A very merry Christmas to all my shed friends. My hen isn't laying at the moment, for obvious reasons, but she also sends you her very best wishes. In fact, she's lucky not to have ended up on the table, as at this time of year, chickens and capons, sometimes ducks and geese, ended up as Christmas dinner for families able to stretch to such luxury.

I'm not actually in Ireland just now, but somewhere where the sky is azure and the sun is warm and they rang out the church bells at midnight last night. Meg,my lovely dog, is being looked after by marvellous Louise, who will have finished her Christmas Day swim by now. It's for charity and I hope she raised lots of money for her courage and generosity!

I've just had a thought. The team from Unbound are away for the Christmas period, so this shed greeting might not reach you straight away, as I think they have to process it. If that's the case, you'll have to remember that I was thinking of you all on Christmas Day!

I'm off now but I'll get back to you soon. Before the turn of the year, I hope. And thank you all for your support for the book!




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