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About The Book

A practical guidebook for introverted professionals by personal branding expert and Guardian Masterclass tutor, Richard Etienne. This book will teach you how to build a successful career, even if you are not the person who shouts the loudest.

Do you find yourself overlooked in your workplace?

Do you get overwhelmed during job interviews and work presentations?

Does it sometimes seem like those who make the most noise are the most successful?

You are not alone: introverts make up two-thirds of the population but are less likely to make a song and dance about it. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot reach your full potential in your professional life!

Packed with real-life scenarios and helpful exercises, In:visible will help you learn practical ways to build a strong personal brand as an introvert, including tips on how to get over the fear of networking. It will also help you become more assertive, the truth about the introvert/ambivert/extrovert spectrum, and how to use online communication to your advantage.

Inspired by Richard's popular masterclass series at The Guardian, In:visible will help you to unlearn what you know about introverts in the professional world and acquire tools to help you succeed and build your self-esteem.

This book is for you if:

  • you consider yourself introverted
  • you want to become bolder in your professional life
  • you are about to change careers or enter the professional workplace for the first time
  • you manage a team and wish to identify with and develop introverts

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